Vision Statement

Engage, empower, enable choice in private mental health.

Mission Statement

The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia), or the Network, is dedicated to effective consumer and carer participation as the driving force in all elements of change in private sector mental health services.

What is the Network?

The Network was formed in 2002 to promote the interests of members of the community requiring private mental health services. The vision of the Network is to promote effective advocacy as the driving force behind all changes in mental health services delivered in private sector settings. The Network is an integral part of key policy and decision-making processes affecting many Australians. The Network provides a strong voice for consumers, their families and the community. In sharing the experience of mental health problems, the Network addresses common issues and encourages people to seek help.

What does the Network do?

The Network advocates for improved private mental health services, advises on issues, which affect people with a mental health problem or mental illness and their families, and increases the involvement of individuals, families and other interested parties in mental health matters. The Network builds and enhances relationships with all mental health providers, funders and users and develops links with professional bodies to improve services. The Network ensures responsiveness and accountability to the rights and needs of those people and their families affected by a mental health problem or mental illness and encourages awareness and education about mental health issue.

Our People

Professor Allan Fels AO and Mr John McGrath AM
Executive Directors
Founder, Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Ms Janne McMahon OAM

Deputy Chair & Treasurer, Professor Sharon Lawn, Director for South Australia

Secretary, Mr Norm Wotherspoon, Director for Queensland

Ms Judy Bentley, Australian Capital Territory
Ms Simone Allan, New South Wales
Mr Darren Jiggins, Tasmania
Ms Helene Langley, Victoria
Mr Evan Bichara, Multi-cultural Officer


Clinical Advisor

Dr Bill Pring, Psychiatrist, Victoria
Administration, Communications and Projects
Ms Christine Kaine, Manager