Our Achievements

The Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) [Network] has come a long way since its formal inception in 2002. Over the course of its short history the Network has made significant impact on the mental health sector both in terms of private sector settings and the mental health system more broadly. This is represented now by wide recognition that the Network has significant presence as the Australian peak private mental health sector consumer and carer organization and as the recognised authoritative voice concerning the policy and practices of provider and funder organisations as they affect consumers and carers using private sector mental health services.

The Network’s workload has progressively and significantly increased, particularly in the last three or so years with a great deal of activity nationally within mental health. This has come from within the private mental health sector and from external requests and invitations either to the Network itself or our representatives, to present the private mental health consumer and carer perspectives in a number of forums.

We have appeared by invitation before seven Parliamentary Inquiries, have representatives on fifteen current Boards or Committees, have made twenty seven formal Submissions and have been invited to actively contribute and participate in fifteen national Forums.

Project development and management has also been an important activity undertaken by the Network when we were first funded in 2007 by the Commonwealth to run a national project across both public and private mental health sectors called the Identifying the Carer Project. This was completed on time and within the budget. A further two Projects following this theme were completed during 2010. The Network has always been proactive in all undertakings and has worked vigorously in attaining the objectives and goals of our first Strategic Plan 2004‐2006 and our Work Plan 2007‐2008.

The achievements of the Network are outlined in this document:  Activities of the Network since inception 2002.pdf