Carer Information

Carer Information

NDIS Psychosocial Pathway Project - Stage 1 Consultation

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has invited Carers Australia, the Private Mental Health Consumer and Carer Network (PMHCCN) and Mental Health Carers Australia (MHCA) to provide input to the design of the new NDIS Psychosocial Pathway. Specifically, the NDIA has asked us to present strategies on the following:

That consumers’ families/carers/advocates are acknowledged and supported, including – where agreed with the consumer – involvement in all relevant meetings and discussions.

As part of the process of identifying strategies, we first want to understand the current carer experience of the pathway.

Attached is a Carer Experience blank template that carers can use to describe their current experience of the NDIS - included are instructions for completing the template.

Also attached is an example of a completed template. Please use this completed example to identify gaps in information when completing the blank template.

We thank you for taking the time to consider your current experience and provide feedback. As mentioned in the instructions, you don’t need to fill out every box, just the areas that you feel are important from your personal experience.

Your input will be valuable in helping us understand common themes of experience that will inform preliminary strategies.

NDIS Carer Experience Example.pdf

NDIS Carer Experience - blank template.docx